SUMMER SERIES 2012. Tuesday 6.00pm, Motorsports Park

The summer series started Tuesday the 7th Feb. Thanks to Avantiplus and PaknSav for their continued support of this series. We had 81 riders on Tuesday – would like to see 100+. There are a series of 8 races at the car track and will finish with 1 road race on Sunday April 1st.. The dates are timed to coincide with daylight savings finishing, and the road race slots in between some busy race weekends.

  1. Grades: A, B, C, D, Women’s, Juniors
  2. Women & Juniors have a choice of riding with their respective grades or in with A, B, C or D
  3. Juniors are to ride restricted gears no matter what grade they ride in
  4. Riders may be moved to other grades based on the Spring Series results
  5. No Parking in front of Motorsport buildings ( help us enforce this – some non members park here)
  6. You can ride with tri bars but do not use them, as it is dangerous in bunches
  7. Keep your line
  8. Be aware of faster groups passing
  9. Get there early, to get in the right grade & receive number
  10. We need 5 volunteers for each race. Contact Andrew
  11. Points: 1st - 14, 2nd - 12, 3rd - 10, 4th- 8, 5th – 6th and 2 pts for each finisher
  12. Double points for the Road Race
  13. Racing is free for TCC members - $5 for all non-members – become a member today if you have not renewed.

Posted: Tue 28 Feb 2012