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Sunday Rides

There are 2 groups, The A group does about 3hrs, the B group about 2 hrs. . Sunday rides leave from the Farmers at 8:00am. We will constantly regroup. Be prepared - bring 2 water bottles, food, spare tube & pump and most importantly some $ for a coffee at the end of the ride. Remember the road rules. When riding 2 abreast – ride in a tight formation. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, go to the back of the bunch. This is a casual ride, not a race. Do your big efforts on Saturday & leave the Sunday ride as an easy recovery ride. We finish at the newly renovated Fern café in the Suncourt courtyard. It’s a great spot – plenty of places to park the bike, plenty of seating and very sheltered, and they don’t seem to mind a whole lot of sweaty people in Lycra.

Posted: Tue 28 Feb 2012