Waikato BOP Champs 2012 - Recap

On behalf of the Taupo Cycling Club Committee, I would like to thank everybody, who made the WBOP champs a success.
We were congratulated by Graeme Bell, out of town cyclists, and I received a particularly glowing report from Stephen Cox, the current centre president, whom has seen and organised an incredible amount of races. We can deservedly be very proud of ourselves. Also, as a club, we will have made a good profit on the event which makes the efforts worthwhile.
We had over 35 people volunteering for the event and many other helpers.
In particular I would like to thank the following people

  1. All the participants – 23 in all. Well done.
  2. Graeme Usher who co-ordinated the marshals.
  3. Thanks to all the marshals – 17 in all. Thank you for your time
  4. Glen Sando & Nigel Tipene for helping with Setup and teardown AND driving lead cars
  5. Grant Nichol & Donna Hume for registration
  6. Grant, Sheryl Duncan & Mike Langley for handling ALL of the 131 entries.
  7. Our lead car drivers
  8. Brian Eccles for the use of his flatbed truck for a judging platform.

In talking with many of the out of town participants, they loved the course and coming to Taupo. We were praised also for the facilities at the events centre - there are not many events that provide showers!!
This is a good time to mention that the club has secured the 2013 Centre Champs. We will plan on using the same course and venue. I would like to see more Masters and Woman riders riding - you have the ability. An $40 upgrade in license allow’s you to compete in some excellent centre events at a reduced cost.
Remember we have postponed the Club champs. We are planning an interclub series between Rotorua, Tokoroa and Taupo, focusing on fun & participation. The first event will be in Rotorua on a fantastic course at the end of May/Start of June. Keep training!! More details to come.

Posted: Thu 26 Apr 2012