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Velodrome Racing

Nigel Tipene is the 2012 Velodrome director:
Velodrome racing will continue all through the winter and will be focusing on improving on the existing skills and fitness of our riders in preparation for next year’s WBOP Track champs. The last WBOP track champs held here in Taupo over the Auckland anniversary were a great success. Taupo Cycling Club performed exceptionally well, taking medals in most of the events our riders competed in and was well represented across all age groups. Safe riding in the winter, no traffic, under lights.
Racing starts at Wednesday 6.00pm, Warmup from 5.00pm.
Benefits of Track cycling:
Track cycling provides all the skills/fitness required to make all your other cycling easier. Improved pedal stroke/rotation, improved fitness through faster recovery. Paceline experience. Better pedal cadence. etc.

Posted: Fri 01 Jun 2012