Junior Training Camp

Brad Setters, who heads up our Junior program is organising a training camp for our Junior cyclists. We will split up our juniors into 2 groups based on ability & experience.
Depending on how the day goes, the session may spill across to another weekend. Young juniors are encouraged.
Interested: E-mail Brad at brad.xc.setters@gmail.com

9.00am Meet and Greet at Taupo Velodrome
9.30am Group talk and run through plan for the day
10.00am Ready to Ride/First Session

  • Group 1- Hills
  • Group 2- Skills/Intervals

10.45am Second Session

  • Group 1- Intervals
  • Group 2- Sprints

11.30am Third Session

  • Group 1- Sprints
  • Group 2- Hills

12.15pm Regroup/Lunch/Q and A time

12.45pm Option of group ride/race


  • Basic climbing technique in & out of the saddle
  • Transferring from a seated to a standing position
  • Predicting gear changes based on cadence
  • Riding over the top of a climb
  • Hill reps in big and small gears, in seated and standing positions


  • Sprinting technique
  • Timing sprints
  • Holding your line
  • Gear selection
  • Bunch position
  • Run down on basic sprint interval sessions


  • Body position on hoods
  • Body position on drops
  • Spin outs and cadence work
  • 1km Standing starts
  • 10 min efforts

Posted: Fri 01 Jun 2012