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Tram Road Access

The Taupo Cycling Club approached the Forestry Manager about access to Tram road with the following question:

The Taupo Cycling Club used to ride through Tram road as a group on a Sunday morning ride before it was closed several years ago.

 Would it be possible to have access on a Sunday Tmorning on a regular basis, either every Sunday, every second Sunday or once a month.

In response to your request to Use Tram Road for cycling.


Due to planned logging & development operations and subsequent use of Tram Road by large trucks 7 days a week for the next 12 months and as a cyclist myself I believe we will be putting cyclists at risk by allowing them to use the road. As you know Tram road is narrow with no road markings, in addition 2 new dairy units and a dairy support unit now operate off the road which has also recently increased traffic volumes. As much as we would get good publicity through allowing your club to use the road as you have alluded to I would prefer to avoid harm coming to anybody using the estate regardless of the poor publicity this may too cause.


Happy to review this at the end of 2016 once logging and development operations on the Estate have reduced.



We do ask all riders to respect access regulations that prohibit us to use this road at this time.We will advise of any developments in the future.

Posted: Tue 05 Apr 2016