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Special meeting

Taupo Cycling Club has been asked to hold a special meeting to consider a change to the Club’s constitution (which the current committee supports). The special meeting will be held immediately prior to the commencement of the Club Champs on Sunday 22 May 2016.


The first change to the constitution relates to the commencement of the financial year, which is proposed become 1 January instead of 1 October. This will ensure that the financial year aligns with the membership year.


The second change concerns the timing of the annual general meeting (AGM) which, at present, must be held in either, October, November, or December. At the AGM officers of the Club’s committee are appointed. The timing of the meeting is problematic, as it occurs at a time of year when the spring and summer series are underway, making the transition difficult for the incoming committee. It is proposed that the AGM be held within 6 months of the end of the new financial year – likely to be sometime in May or June (and giving the incoming committee more time to get ready for the spring/summer series).


The resolutions to be voted on are:


1.            clause 11.4 of the constitution be amended to provide that the financial year of the Club shall be 1 January to 31 December (commencing 1 January 2016);


2.            clause 7.1 of the constitution be amended to provide that the annual general meeting shall be held within 6 months of the end of the financial year (with the next AGM to be held in 2017); and


3.            such consequential amendments as are necessary to give effect to the above.


If there are any queries regarding these changes, please feel free to contact any of the Club’s committe

Posted: Fri 13 May 2016