Taupo Cycle Club Team / Dynamo team series 2106-2017

Dynamo Team Series 2016

Ryan Blair, Nick Hume(Forestland Wheelers Cat 3) Andrew Wilson (Speedworks Diamante Cat 4) and Tony Tinworth (Dynamo Sports Cat 4) have been racing in the Dynamo Events Teams Championship Series.  We have just finished Race 5 in Pokeno, and the final race(day) of the series will be on Sunday 3rd April in Tokoroa with a TTT and roadrace.

At this race we will get details of the 2016 series. From speaking to Stephen Cox I understand that Category 4 will change to category 4A and 4B, and it is likely the Elite Women’s grade will be assimilated into the other grades.  Category 3 and 4 races are approximately 80km. All races have Leader’s jerseys, Prize money, commissaires , neutral support, managers meeting and very professionally run. Teams can start 6 riders from a roster of 8, top 3 times to decide team placings.

The 2015 series sold out in about 3 weeks – much quicker than expected. The 2015 teams are being offered a place in 2016 championships with a two week acceptance period. I think I have added Taupo Cycling Club to this list.


Taupo Cycling Club are looking for 6 to 16 riders and one or two team managers to allow us to enter to teams – one Cat 4A and one Cat 4B.

  • 4A – Tuesday B grade or Competitive C – Looking to win races as individuals and teams
  • 4B – Tuesday C working really hard or D grade – Looking to gain experience in racing open events and develop race-craft.

The good thing about teams racing is that a rider can work for team-mates if having an off day, infiltrate/instigate a breakaway if not a strong sprinter, lead out/chase or force the pace to drop opposing team’s riders.  You are committing to racing once a month from October-April (excluding Jan)

You need to be 17 or older.

If you would like to be a Manager then you will need to organise a team – Entries, rider liaison, attend races. 

Try this url for more details http://dynamoevents.co.nz/events/category/the-team-championship/

Email me if you are wanting to be in – talk to Ryan, Nick,  Andrew or Tony if you are not sure.

If there are not sufficient entries I imagine the 4 of us will seek rides elsewhere…this series has been great. tonyandfenella@xtra.co.nz

Posted: Sat 29 Oct 2016