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Tram Road Access

Unfortunately, it is closed and due to safety concerns the future use for cyclists is unlikely. Recently a near hit was reported to me by Landcorp with group of cyclists illegally using Tram Road (may not have been your club members) the weekend before cycle challenge and thus Landcorp have asked us to put necessary measures in place to better police its use.


Possibly what needs to be communicated to your members is this road has no markings, is narrow and is not in great condition. Although logging truck use will taper off in the next few year’s it is clear the frequency of use by milk tankers, stock trucks, fertiliser trucks, farm staff and their families will increase. Being a private road the safety of its users is our responsibility and obviously, we as landowners can be held liable for any accidents that occur.  




Richard Arderne

Wairakei Estate

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Posted: Thu 15 Dec 2016