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  • 14 riders were out on a beautifully clear night with no wind, 6 lap handicap race. wayne McConaghy jumped the start off scratch and easily came through the field to finish in a time of 36.46min. Trevor Stevens hung on to Waynes back wheel to finish a close second. The junior riders, Jordan Thurston, Nick Cameron and Ben Watson all rode well together in Bunch 2. Jordan won the sprint by a wheel, with all three having the same time of 34.27min.
    Posted: Thursday 12 June 2008
  • On a cold and windy night we had 8 riders racing a 6 lap event. Fastest time and first on the road was Brad Setters in 34.24min, 2nd Barry Pritchard 34.33, and 3rd Nick Cameron 38.03

    All riders are reminded that now that daylight saving has finished head and tail lights are mandatory for the racing. Also riders are reminded that the agreement with the management is that we don’t ride on to the track until 6pm (often there are service vehicles working until that time).
    Posted: Friday 11 April 2008
  • Racing in good conditions 23 riders raced in 4 groups. Group 2 worked well as a bunch and took the line honours with Dean Barnes winning the sprint finishing in a time of 42.52min for the 8 laps. Patrick bevan did the quickest time of the night with 37.56min.
    Posted: Monday 31 March 2008
  • A fine night but a very strong northeasterly wind. A small but quality entry raced in three groups with the second group working well together with a? rotating paceline, to come in 2nd to 5th.

    !st Wayne, 2nd Graeme Usher, 3rd Faith followed by: Shea, Peter Lockwood, Graeme Galwer, Spud, Trevor, Cameron Todd, Michael Roberts, Dave, Greg, Mike and Tyler.

    Thank you Cameron Wood for the timekeeping.

    Bunch ride Sun at 8am and racing again next Tues 29 Jan?
    Posted: Wednesday 23 January 2008