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Club Rules




Technical Regulations

Section A: General 1      LICENCES:

             1.1    All Members, Competitors and Officials shall be licensed.  .

  1. Junior Under 17 - Riders 15 to 16 years of age.
  2. Junior Under 15 – Riders under 15 years of age

Licences are valid until 31 December of the year in which an age limit is attained (refer 1.4 below for exception to this). Licence category cannot be changed during a UCI Calendar year.

1.3      New licences for the following year may be taken out as from 1 November. Once that licence has been issued, the previous licence becomes invalid and the competitor must compete in the new licence category. 

1.4      Eligibility for age limits will be published annually by Cycle NZ Road & Track, along with the Licence classes available.

1.5      Commissaires may licence directly with Cycle NZ.

  1. 2.          CLOTHING:

2;1. Competitors may only wear the approved Club or Centre uniform, with the exception of shorts, which may contain advertising for those sponsors as listed on their race license  

2.1      In Events other than National Championships, competitors shall wear  clothing in accordance with UCI Regulations 1.3.026 – 1.3.034. The clothing may contain advertising for Licensed sponsors in accordance with Rules 2.3  


2.2      The wearing of an approved Crash Helmet is compulsory in all racing and track training by riders and pacers.

2.3      Helmets used in road events must comply with NZ Traffic

Regulations and be Standards approved. These standards are listed on the NZ Transport Agency website.

www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/factsheets/01/cycles-rulesequipment.html    Refer UCI Cycling Regulations 1.3.031

  1. 3.          NUMBERS:

3.1      The wearing of numbers shall be compulsory for all competitors on road and track. The number shall be attached securely and worn as directed. The number may not be folded or reduced in size, and shall be in full view.

3.2      Riders shall wear two body numbers except for a time trial, where one number shall be worn. (Refer UCI 1.3.075)

  1. 4.          EQUIPMENT:


         Each licence-holder shall ensure that his equipment (bicycle with accessories and other devices fitted, headgear, apparel etc.) does not, by virtue of its quality, materials or design, constitute any danger to himself or to others.

         Cycle NZ Road & Track or Taupo Cycle Club shall not be liable for any consequences deriving from the choice of the equipment used by licence-holders, nor for any defects it may have or its non-compliance.

4.2      BICYCLES


                       Refer UCI Cycling Regulations 1.3.001 to 1.3.024


5.3.1   There shall be no right to appeal against the decision of the Committee' Panel.


  1. 5.          OWN RISK:

         Riders shall be accepted as competitors on the condition that they race at their own risk and under the rules of Cycle NZand the UCI.


5.1      Entries for open events shall be forwarded to the Secretary of the meeting by the stipulated time. All questions shall be answered and the necessary fee or electronic payment shall accompany the form or electronic entry. Failure to remit the fee shall render the entry invalid and the rider shall not be permitted to start.

5.2      A scratched rider is not entitled to recover the entrance fee without provision of a medical certificate.

5.3      Incorrect names, false or misleading information supplied on an entry form shall render the applicant liable to disqualification and any other penalty as the centre may impose. .

5.4      A suspended rider shall forfeit the entrance fees already paid for subsequent races. .

5.5      Entries shall be binding and entrants shall compete in the events for which their entries have been accepted unless absolutely prevented from doing so.

  1. 6.          HANDICAP RACES:

6.1      Handicapping shall be done by the Official Handicapper.


                       Competitors shall ride to win.

  1. 7.          AT THE START:

7.1      Riders shall be ready to start when instructed by the Clerk of the Course.

7.2      If, in the opinion of the race clerk, a cycle is unsafe for riding, the rider shall not be permitted to start on that machine.

  1. 8.          FINISH:

8.1      The finish shall be judged from the tip of the front wheel at the point formed by a tangency with a vertical plane extended above the finishing line.

8.2      Riders may be penalised if they remove both hands from the bars unless they are 100 metres past the finishing line.

8.3      It is an offence to cross the finish line more than once. On no account should a rider cross the finish line in the opposite direction.

  1. 9.          PRIZES:

9.1      To qualify for prizes riders shall cover the full distance of the event.

9.2      Riders who fall or dismount may cover the distance by carrying, dragging or pushing their machines without any assistance provided that they do not interfere with other competitors.


  1. 10.        DISQUALIFICATION:

 When disqualification is inflicted it shall be for the race in question and the event.



         Offensive and undesirable language shall be grounds for disqualification by the Race Clerk or by the Meeting Manager.  

  1. 12.        CONTROL:

12.1    Competitors and Club Members shall be under the control of the respective Officials during meetings.

12.2    Officials shall at all times have power to postpone or cancel a race on account of weather conditions or insufficient entries.

12.3    Officials shall have power to declare a “no race” if in their opinion the race has been unfairly contested or the full distance has not been covered.

12.4    In cases not provided for, the decision of the Officials shall be final.

12.5    Breaches of the racing rules may render the offender(s) liable to one or more sanctions

12.6    Riders and members suspended for breaches of these rules shall not start in a race or officiate in any way whatsoever until the expiration of the term of suspension.

  1. 13.        GENERAL:

13.1    Riders who push an opponent, cross his/her path, hinder his/her progress, wrongfully use their elbows, or act in a manner considered to be dangerous to any other competitor or person may be subject to sanctions.

13.2    Riders must at all times ride a true course and a steady wheel.

13.3    At all times the greatest care and discretion shall be observed.

13.4    Riders shall be responsible for the results of any accident they may cause.

13.5    The rider is solely responsible for his tyres being securely fixed to the rims of his cycle and spare wheels. A tyre coming off the rim through faulty adhesion shall render him subject to penalty.

13.6    On Open Roads, riders must keep left at all times. Riders who cross the centre line will be subject to sanctions as listed in Rule 24

13.7    Riders must not drop litter on the circuit. Litter includes drink bottles and energy sachet packets.

  1. 14.        JUNIOR UNDER 17:

14.1    A Junior Under 17 rider is one under the age of 17 years on 31st December and may compete in Junior Under 17 events only.

14.2    A maximum gearing of 7.0 metres rollout applies to all Junior Under 17 racing. (text modified 01/07/14)

14.3    Wheels must have a minimum of 16 spokes and rims must not be made from composite materials.

14.4    Handlebars must be of a standard or classic style, but bolt on handlebar extensions are permitted for Time Trial Events and Individual Pursuit & Team Pursuit events

14.5    In stage races, the same bicycle shall be used in all stages, including any Time Trial. The only exception permitted will be in the event of a breakage.

                       (text modified 17.05.09) 


  1. 15.        JUNIOR UNDER 15:

15.1    A Junior under 15 rider is one under the age of 15 years on the 31st December and may compete in Junior Under 15 events only.

15.2    A maximum gearing of 6.00 metres rollout applies to all Junior Under 15 racing.

15.3    Wheels must have a minimum of 16 spokes and rims must not be made from composite materials.

15.4    Handlebars must be of a standard or classic style. Handlebar extensions are NOT permitted in any Junior Under 15 racing

15.5    In stage races, the same bicycle shall be used in all stages, including any Time Trial. The only exception permitted will be in the event of a breakage.

                       (text modified 17.05.09) 

15.6    Helmets must be of a standard style for all events, including Time Trials. Aero helmets are not permitted for Junior Under 15 riders

                       (text modified 01/07/14)

  1. 16.        MJ & WJ – MENS & WOMENS JUNIOR U19

16.1    A Junior under 19 rider is one under the age of 19 years on the 31st December

16.2    Where a U19 race is being held, MJ & WJ riders must compete in that race. Where no separate race is being held, they may compete in the Open race Category.

23.2    A maximum gearing of 7.93 metres rollout applies to Junior              Under 19 Road events.

23.3    When competing in Open events, no gear restrictions apply

  1. 17.        SANCTIONS:

17.1    The following sanctions may be imposed on members:

-        warning

-        relegation

-        disqualification

-        fine

-        suspension  

-        withdrawal of licence/membership

17.2    Process for Suspension at an Event

  1. The Committee Panel at an event will have the power to suspend a riders licence for race related incidents only.
  2. This power is not available to an individual They must refer on to either the Committee Panel for the event, or where one doesn’t exist, to the Technical Panel.
  3. Process Timeframe – maximum of 10 working days.
  4. Minimum Suspension period – 14 days
  5. Rider has the right to explain their actions to the Committee Panel as part of the process
  6. Rider has the right to have their team manager or support person with them when being interviewed by the Panel
  7. No appeal, the decision of the Committee Panel is final.
  8. The decision must be documented
  9. The offences that can have a rider suspended are listed in the Guide for Sanctions


Section C: Road Racing 50.    TRAFFIC SAFETY:

50.1 Competitors and Officials shall pay strict attention to The Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management, Traffic Safety Regulations and directions of Police and any other Traffic Safety authority.

50.2 All cycling personnel shall be held responsible for the observance of these laws and regulations. Offenders shall be subject to sanctions listed in Rule 24.

  1. 51.      WARMING UP:

         Riders are forbidden to warm up on the course, or to cross the start/finish line.

  1. 52.      AT THE START:

52.1    Riders shall be ready and mounted on their machines, with one foot in contact with the ground, when the signal is given to start.

52.2    Riders falling or colliding may remount and continue the race. The rest of the field shall not be recalled for a fresh start.

52.3    Assistance to riders at the start shall not be allowed.

  1. 53.      FINISHING LINE:

53.1    The finishing line shall be indicated by a white line on the road.



54.1    Food may be carried either in the rider¹s pockets or in metal or plastic bidons. Glassware of any kind must not be used to carry food or used to pass on to a rider at control areas.

54.2    In circuit races, lapped riders may be withdrawn when they are too far behind to affect the result. When such riders are permitted to continue, they must not assist or interfere with any other competitor and shall not take pace from the riders who have lapped them.

59.4    Riders who have withdrawn from a race shall immediately remove their race number and then advise finish line officials or the Race Clerk of their withdrawal.

59.5    On Open Roads, riders must keep left at all times. Riders who cross the centre line will be subject to sanctions as listed in Rule 24

  1. 55.      JUNIOR GEAR LIMITS:

55.1    A maximum gearing of 6.00 metres rollout applies to all Junior 

                      Under 15 events.

55.2    A maximum gearing of 7.0 metres rollout applies to all Junior 

                      Under 17 events.

55.3    A maximum gearing of 7.93 metres rollout applies to Junior 

                       Under 19 Road event

71.1    sanction by TCC if it so chooses