Race Results

Race Series 2018/19

Week 20 Results

Well the race series has come to an end.Great to see still consistant numbers of riders tonight making for some great racing, The results are published below, any quries about the results please let us know asap.The Prizegiving will be held next week upstairs at Ploughmans resteraunt starting at 6pm, spot prizes will be awarded with Thanks to Pack & Pedal along with the club trophies for all grades. Following this will be the club AGM so please stick around as this is the best time to have your say. See you all next week.



Week 19 Results

Great to see the numbers of riders still remaining at a good level, Some new faces coming along and joining in as well which is always welcomed.Tonights racing was Teams racing done completly at random, Great to see all the teams riding well as teams and all sticking together, The team that received the bonus points were towards the back of the feild but displayed team work and encouragement throughout, They were not the only ones by all means so was a hard call. Next week is the last night of racing for the series and with the points very close in some grades makes for an exciting finish, Next  week is a Graded race and all on the line. Also remember your lights if your riding home afterwards. See you all next week.



Week 18 Results

It was a Mystery race this evening running for the pre determined time, We saw various tactics especially as time went by. Great to see bunchs mixing as this is a race for that.We still have 2 more races on schedule and as the days are getting shorter it could be time to remeber your lights for the ride home. See you all next week.



Week 17 Results

It was another stunning Taupo evenind at the Bruce McLaren Motorsport park, Numbers were down a little this week but the handicapped race provided good hard racing for all. Huge Thanks to Dave Nicol for being there each week to assist on the side oline and provide racing for everybody. Next week is a Mystery race and those that know it will be not much of a Mystery, See you all next week.



Week 16 Results

Here we are Folks the Results from last nights racing, An Individual Pursuit was raced with some consistanat times throughout, This tested both the riders and the judges with a couple of us learning a few new things about this race, Huge Thanks to Steve for working out the times and keeping things on track during the racing.As the days are growing shorter we remind you all of the Prizegiving on 2nd April with AGM following the prizegiving, It'll be great to see you all there. See you next week.




Week 15 Results

Tonight we had a modified graded points race with 2x intermediate sprints and the final to finish, This split some of the grades but still making for great racing across the board. Sorry for the delay in getting results out just a couple minor technical issues. Please remember each week to bring your numbers and to make them visable, (when they are flapping they are not readable making our job very hard) Thank you.

Next week is to be back on the motorsport park so we will see you all there for another great night of cycling.




Week 14 Results

Another stunning Taupo evening for a Graded mass start race this eveing at the Bruce McLaren motorsport park,Some great racing across all the grades although it was noticed a few people joining in with other grades.Please stick to your own grade and not interfer with other races. Loads of races and rides coming up over the next couple of months, It'll be great to see Taupo colurs at some of the events. See you all next week for a points race.



Week 13 Results.

We had a Teams race this evening with a mix of all grades making up the teams.Everyone seems  to enjoy riding together and pushing the less fast along, Unfortunatly the winning team just earned particapation points due to a technicality. The last rider needed to be a lone rider to he finish. Great to see everyone riding together throughout though. A reminder that if club membership hasn't been renewed to bring along your $$ to be able to ride.

Remember to support those that support us Pack & Pedal for all your bike needs and Pack and Save for all your fuel needs.

See you all next week for a graded start race.



Week 12 Results

As the heatwave comes across we still had good numbers of riders at the Bruce McLaren motorsport park for an evening of Handicapped racing. A large bunch formed with C/B &A grades combining to chase down the front D grade riders. So close to. Everyone enjoyed their racing. Next week will be Teams racing and the more the merrier. See you all next week.



 Week 11 Results

Back into racing for the 2019 session of the the 2018/19 Tuesday night race series, A stunning evening with a typical motorsport psark wind to challenge everyone,By the looksa lot of you have kept your riding up over the holidays making for some fast racing in all grades, A reminder to support those who support the cycling club, Pack & Pedal Taupo, Pack & Save Taupo and the Bruce McLarem motorsport park. See you all next week.



Week 10 Results

It was the final night of racing for 2018 and some exceptional racing by all and some very fast laps coming out.We take a break now and racing recommences 22nd January 2019 Taupo Cycling club wishes everyone a Merry Xmas and a great New Year. Keep those pedals turning and stay safe out there, We would also like to Thank our supporters Pack & Pedal Taupo, Pack and Save Taupo, and Bruce Mclaren motorsport park and look forward to an ongoing relationship in 2019, See you all in the new year.



Week 9 Results

Tonight was Teams Racing and the general comments were " That was hard " but everyone was smiling, The wind made for constant efforts for everyone. Great to riders of mixed abilities working together and in the end getting results. Next week is our final night for 2018 so come along and enjoy. At that we will take a break and recommence the series 22nd Jan. Huge thanks to Pack & Save Taupo for their support and our local bike shop Pack & Pedal. See you all next week.


Week 8 Results

We had a great night of racing with a difference, A modified Mystery race, A predetermined time of 46.30minutes and with the rain starting mid race the side line judges were getting ready to shorten and then the rain stopped and the track dried so it carried on as normal.A guessing game began for the riders which saw some tactics coming out with the end result being from a bunch rolling up as the time lapsed and receiving the bell for final lap, Winners were from this bunch of mixed grades. A huge Thank you to Pack&Pedal for supporting the club and Taupo cycling, See you all next week for a night of teams racing.



WEEK 6 Results

A great night of racing for most with conditions allowing for very fast racing. unfortunatly an incident in C grade and wishing those involved a speedy recovery, ( hope to see you back next week.) Big Thanks to the people assisting on the side line, this is needed to make the racing happen. Not to forget but Huge Thanks to our supporters Pack & Pedal Taupo, and Pack & Save Taupo,and Bruce McLaren Motorsport park. your help goes such a long way. See you all next week.



WEEK 5 Results

What a night at Bruce McLaren Motorsport park, You don't get conditions better than this for a night of racing. We had a points race which is not only great for the riders but makes the judging on the sideline equally as exciting. Some great riding and tactics to boot. It is also good to see some riders stepping up a grade to push themselves and test their limits.See you all next week.



WEEK 3 Results

Tonight was racing with a difference, Teams racing with teams made up from all the grades, Everyone seemed to enjoy the format with the more experienced riders mixing it with the newer riders. Thanks to Dave B & Geoff P for Volunteering this week and to the others who helped out, Assistance on the sideline is much appreciated.We are still looking for a few more marshels for the Cycle Challenge Crit on the Friday night please email to secretary@taupocyclingclub.org.nz

See you all next week for Graded racing



WEEK 2 Results

It was another cracking night at Bruce McLaren motorsport park with 39 riders racing in our first Handicapped race for the season. Great to some new faces joining in.Thank you to Stephen McDonald for voluteering tonight and Dave Byres and Geoff Purdie for putting their hands up to help out next week. We are looking for volunteers for the cycle challenge crit so if you can help please email secretary@taupocyclingclub.org.nz .

See you all next week for teams racing



  Off to a great start to the Taupo cycling club series with a beautiful spring evening. Some great racing throughout. Awesome to see all the familar  faces along with some new riders,  Don't forget your numbers next week as these are what counts for judging 1 number on left flank and 1 on the back. Big Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo and to Pack & Pedal Taupo for their assistance with the series. See you all next week.


Summer series Week 9 Results

 Summer_Seriesxt week_Results_Week_9_updated.pdf

It was a perfect night for final night of racing. Please remember next week at 6pm at Ploughmans for the prize giving, This is supported by Pack & Pedal and as a club we support them. We have now added tthe riders points as well, If there are any queries about the results please let us know prior to this weekend.

See you all next week.


Summer Series 2018 Week 8 Results


Tonight we had a Hanicapped race, The stiff breeze had an effect on the racing tonight but everyone enjoying the race. Big Thanks to Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park for letting us hire their venue. Next week is a standard graded race, don't forget your lights if your riding home, the days are getting shorter. The following Tuesday will be prizegiving held at Ploughmans at 6pm. We have some generous spot prizes to give away Thanks to the team at Pack & Pedal Taupo.

See you all next week.


Summer Series 2018 Week 7 Results


Finally the weather played its part to have some racing tonight, Tonight we had a re modelled points race. This lead to some intense sprints troughout the grades. Most people are still enjoying the variety of racing. Just a point to remember is that the sideline judges are volunteers and doing their best to bring this racing to the community, sometimes we do make mistakes and we do apologise for this. We could  always do with help on the sideline so please don't be afraid to offer your help. Tonight we had grades riding an extra lap  except A grade which was cut short due to the confusion. The sprints were very close and hard to pick with all the grades so close together so if anyone sees results different to ours please let us know

 We have 2 more races then the last evening will be prizegiving at Ploughmans at 6pm on Tuesday 27th March, See you all there for a social evening prizegiving and spot prizes with huge Thanks to the team at Pack and Pedal Taupo 

. See you all next week for a Teams race. Bring on the fun.  


Summer Series 2018 Week 5 & 6 Cancelled.


Summer Series 2018 Week 4 Results


The Thunder storms held off for tonights racing providing a fine night of racing on a dry track with very little wind, We had a standard Graded mass start race and the racing was very competitive amongst all grades, numbers were down a little probably due to the weather. Thanks to the team at Taupo Pack and Pedal for sponsouring the prizes for the series again. Prize giving will be held Tuesday 27th March at 6pm at Ploughmans. Thanks also to Bruce Mclaren motorsport park for hiring us the venue for the racing.Next week we are Teams racing  so see you all there. 


Summer Series 2018 Week 3 Results


Tonight was a Mystery race and was much a mystery throughout the majority of the race, Done to a time of 42 minutes giving most grades simular racing time to most evenings. Placings given to the 1st 10 across the line which gave results in every grade, Everyone seemed to enjoy tonights race,                        Thanks to the team at Pack and Pedal Taupo for sponsouring spot prizes which are building up for the prize giving on the final night, (Details to be advised ), Thanks also to Bruce Mclaren motorsport park for letting us hire thier venue. Next week will be a standard Graded race. See you all there.


Summer Series 2018 Week 2 Results


The racing tonight was hot and the head wind was nice to assist the cool off, Unfortunately Loren had an incident and we wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.                                                               

  Next week for a mystery race which will depend on numbers to which type of raceing will be run, See you all there.


Summer Seies 2018 Week 1 Results


We got off to a great start for the Summer Series with the rain holding off and very little wind.Some hard but enjoyable racing across all the grades. Big Thanks to the helpers on the sideline.Huge Thanks to Bruce Mclaren Motorspot park for allowing us to hire their venue making for safe and fun racing.One change to the format is that spot prizes are not necessarly given each week, we will have a seperate prize giving on the Tuesday following the last race for the series and a social evening befor winter really kicks in. (Venue and details still to be confirmed.) Prizes again are generously sponsoured by the team at Pack and Pedal, Thanks team. Next week will be Handicapped racing. See you all there.


Spring Series Week 10 Results

 Final night for racing at the Spring series 2017, was held tonight in near perfect conditions.Well done everybody for coming along and enjoying the racing throughout the series. It has been a great series with a mix of races and results, I do need to apologies to Barry Pritchard as I did miss his points for riding as the development rider for tonight, This does put Barry in 1st, Tony Tinworth in 2nd and Darrin Hall in 3rd. Big Thanks to all the development riders for assisting the younger riders throughout the series. And thanks to all the Duty Judges and helpers on the sideline, You all make our job easier. Thanks to FERN CAFE for thier generous support and this time supplying heaps of vouchers for spot prizes, enjoy your coffee/hot chocolate and slice. Also huge Thanks to Pack and Pedal for thier support with prizes for the series. Also Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo for thier generousity and Thanks to Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park. Without these supporters we could not run these events so remember to return the support to these businesses.

Merry Xmas to everyone have a safe and prosperous new year.

See you all for the start of the Summer Series 2018 23rd Jan

Remember to renew your membership prior to this.             



Spring series Week 9 Results

 Tonight we had an Accumulator style teams race once again mixing all the grades to form teams, most enjoyed this format and mixing with everybody, Big bunchs at the start then split to decide the winning teams. tonights winner of the spot prize from Pack and Pedal was not there tonight so will jackpot to a must go senario next week, Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo for their support, Also theanks to Bruce Mclaren motorsport park for the use of their venue and we look forward to the 2018 Summer Series.         Reminder that club membership finishs 31st Dec so 2018 membership isup for renewal for those that haven't already done so. See you all next week for the final race for 2017 and a prize giving following racing.   



Spring series week 8 results

Due to the weather racing was cancelled ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Spring series Week 6 Results

 A stunning night at Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park,Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo. For once with very little wind, Tonight we had a points race which tested the sideline judges, Huge Thanks to Dave Nicol and Kevin Raven for their assistance. Thanks to Pack n Pedal for their support and the spot prize tonight taking away a new pair of gloves was Rob Vondervoort, well done.   Points were as per the race which were added to give points for the overall series, A grade Jack Edwards on 30, Mark Taylor on 14,Alex Fierro on 9,Luke Woods on 6,   Bgrade Tony Tinworth on 22, Sam Stratford on 20, Darrin Hall on14, Stephen McDonald on 9,Ben Raven on 4, Darren Hume on 3,    Cgrade Crunchie Donaldson on 20, Rachel Bartells on13, Hannah Howell on 12, Nick Hume on10, Corban Nicol on 8, Jo Donaldson on 3, Ian Coles on 3,   Dgrade David Condon on 26, Peter Nowakiwskyjn on 16, Suzanne Weal on 9, Debbie Woodward on 8, Shane Hutchinson on 6, Graeme Spence on 4,   Development grade Harley Jones on 30 and Brodie Lawson on 18,  Well done everybody for an exciting night of racing.



Spring Series Week 5 Results 

 We had another Handicapped race once again testing all the grades. The wind at the motorsport park is always a challenge but made for some hard racing again. Tonights winners were 1st Lexi Tupe (Development grade) 2nd Harley Jones (Development grade) 3rd Peter Nowakiwskyjn (D grade) 4th Sam Stratford (B grade). Well done to you and to everyone for making racing what it is. Tonights winner of the Pack and Pedal spot prize was Geoff Purdie, well done and big Thanks to Pack and Pedal Taupo. Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo for their continued support.

We have had a mention about riders riding with their hands drooped over the bars. Hands must be on the bars at all times and be in control, This is extremly dangerous and will not be allowed. If this is seen again it will mean disqualification or further action.


See you all next week for the points race, loads of points up for grabs for the series


Spring Series Week 4 Results                                                                                                                                                   

Tonights racing was a fun exciting night with grades staying together making for some close bunch sprint finishes. We had the least wind so far for the series although the riders still had to battle the typical wind of the Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park. Thanks again to Pack and Save Taupo for their support of the club and these series. Big ups to Pack and Pedal Taupo for the spot prizes throughout, Tonights winner was Tony Tinworth taking away a Giant Saddlebag. To even up the grades some riders from B grade will move into A grade. Next week is the 2nd Handicapped race, See you all there.



Spring Series Week 3 Results

To keep the flow of mixing the racing we had Teams racing this evening mixing all the grades to make teams and a mass start of everybody. Seemed a bit hectic to begin but panned out for some very interesting racing, Great to hear advice from the more experienced riders to the lesser experienced and comments about how much people learn from riding with experienced riders. A fun night for all. Tonights winner for the spot prize as a result of the support from Pack & Pedal Taupo was Crunchie, well done.               Huge Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo for their support to provide free racing for club members meaning the club can subsidise non members as well. Also Thanks to Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park for hiring us the venue making this all happen. See you all next week for a standard graded start.    Week_3_Spring_Series_Results.pdf                   

Spring Series Week 2 Results 

Tonights racing we had a Handicapped race with handicapped grade starts, this saw most riders crossing the line together, ( Exciting racing,) The event was taken out by Development rider Harley Jones followed by B Grade riders Barry Pritchard, Alex Fierro then Johnny Clapcott,

It was a rather windy evening testing those who found themseleves on thier own. Huge thanks again to Pack and Pedal for the spot prizes and thier support. Tonights winner was Debbie Woodward.

Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo for thier continued support, 

A couple of points to mention The club Hire the motorsport park and has allocated time slots for this, we did notice riders on the track before 5.30pm, please refrain from riding on the track early as this may result in penalties that the club would have to pass on to the riders.

The other point is that Off Highway is a private road and not for use by public, This is not the way home. Thanks

Next week will be Teams racing to keep things varied and competitive

See you all then.



Spring Seies Week 1 Results

The 1st night of the Taupo Cycle Club Spring Series started tonight with some fast racing between all the grades. The weather held off to make for an enjoyable evening of racing. Huge Thanks to Pack and Save Taupo to enable this series to be Free for club members and to enable us to continue to Hire Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park. Once again we have generous help with spot prizes coming from Pack and Pedal Taupo. Tonights winner was Darrin Hall. See you all next week for Handicapped racing.



Spring Series 2017 Roster and result sheet

Please have a look at the roster for the series, if any changes are required we will endevour to accomodate any requests with some prior notice.

DJ is for Duty Judge which assists with the start of racing and judging of finishs.

DVP is for Development grade, which is aimed for 1st time riders wanting to give the series a go. The rostered  person will ride with the grade assisting them and passing on knowledge of road cycling.



Tena koutou Katoa
Thanks to all those who raced in the recent Summer Series. I found the
racing challenging and I had to work very hard at times - you can't ask for
much more.
It was brought to our attention that there is an error in the C
Grade results -* Ivan Abele score adds to 33* while Geoff Purdies adds to*
29*. This makes *Ivan first*, Geoff second, just ahead of Sammie, who
retains third.
This may have been what the shouting was about at prizegiving, but Stuart
and I couldn't hear it upwind, where we were standing.
Sorry to take the moment away from Ivan, but a new first place certificate
is on the way. (New one for you too, Geoff!)
Re-awarding of medals has happened at National Chapionships - points races
most often -, so not a unique occurrence.
A bunch of races don't organise themselves, and although we have sponsors
who get thanked, and deservedly so, the races are brought to you primarily
by Tina and Kerry Edwards, who have come back to support cycling through the
involvement of their children - Maddy and Jack,( 3rd Generation road cycling in the Edwards family) who still remains in town.*
Without them there wouldn't be any racing*. The rest of the committee help
out - but organising club racing is not where the rest of our focus and
passion lies.
If you have an issue, with any way the club is run, come and talk to us.
Don't email, don't yell, talk. If you don't like something, and can think
of a better way to do it, tell us. If you can run a race, judge a race,
organise sponsorship, keep track of finances liaise with council, other
clubs and organisations,, attend WBOP meetings ..., then let us know - it
is a lot of work for six people (and sometimes it is not even our priority,
we have life stuff too.) If you can help, do so; If you can't....then you
really can't complain, or the people who were doing stuff may take their
volunteer time somewhere else. Thanks you to those of you who are
appreciative and offer support and thanks.

Tony Tinworth
Taupo Cycling Club


 Corrected Week 8 and Final Summer Series Results for 2017

Sorry for the mistakes , Hopefully the results are correct now.

Tonight was the final night of Tuesday racing for Summer 2017. Finishing with a fast paced graded race. Congratulations to all the riders whom rode at the series. Overall place getters were

Lily Raven 1st Junior girl,31pts

D Grade Corban Nicol 1st  39 pts, Graeme Spence 2nd  34pts, Stuart Hickman 3rd 20pts

C Grade Ivan Abele1st 33 pts, Geoff Purdie 2nd 29pts, Sammie Maxwell 3rd 28 pts

B Grade Robbie Hislop 1st 34pts, Barry Pritchard 2nd 32pts, Dave Byres 3rd 29pts

A Grade Jack Edwards 1st 50pts, Tony Tinworth 31pts, Kevin Strongman 29pts.

A number of spot prizes were given away over nibbles and a drink. congratulations to all the winners of prizes from PACK and PEDAL and from the FERN CAFE. Thank you to these local businesses for their continued support. Thank you also to PACK N SAVE Taupo for enabling this to be free for club members and Thanks also to Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park.

Tonight finished under a stunning double rainbow, Winter is on its way, ride safe everyone and see you all for the Spring Series.



Week 7 Summer Series Results

To Keep up with the mixing it up theme at Tuesday night races tonight we had a Teams race/ Accumulator style. There were some breaks & some catches making for some entertaining racing.Next week is our final race for the series, there will be a prize and award giving at the end along with some nibbles and a drink so please stay on and support this, If your riding we recommend bring your lights as the days are getting shorter. Big Thanks to FERN CAFE for their continued support. Thanks also to PACK N PEDAL for their support and tonights winner of their give away was Ralph Kumm,, well done. And also Thanks to PACK & SAVE TAUPO for their contribution making this free for club members.

See you all next week



Week 1 Summer Series Results

Thank you to all that have renewed their membership for 2017. Tonight we had a fun night at the Taupo velodrome for registration and and couple of races. The 1st spot prize generously donated by PACK & PEDAL has jackpotted untill the final night. (sorry  Hannah Howell). Races were split into 2 groups and had a scratch race followed by a points race. ( both Kerry's version)  1st group winners scratch were Jakob 1st, Sammie 2nd, Ivan 3rd. Points race was Ivan 26pts, Sammie 22pts, Rachell 4pts and Graeme 4pts. 2nd Group winners scratch were Jack 1st, Tony 2nd, Dave 3rd. Points race was Jack 22pts,Dave 14pts, Tony 10pts, Jakob 10pts,      Huge Thanks to PACK & SAVE TAUPO for their sponsourship making our hireage of the track free for members for this series.

See you all next  Tuesday at the Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park. Racing starts at 6pm.



Summer Series 2017

Here is the series format with the roster of Duty Judges to assist throughout the series. Any changes will need to be done at least the week prior done by email to secretary@taupocyclingclub.org.nz

If you are rostered but wish to ride please bring along someone to Judge on your behalf. (i.e. Parent or Partner or Friend ) you will still get  Judging points.

For those who have not registered yet we look forward to seeing you at the Taupo Velodrome this Tuesday @ 6pm.



Week 10 Spring Series Results

Tonight we had a Handicapped race to end with a difference, This resulted with Hannah Howell 1st,Corban Nicol 2nd,Scott Forsythe 3rd and Sammie Maxwell 4th.A great effort. Big Thanks again to Hendon and Nigel and the team at PACK N PEDAL for their support and Huge Thanks to FERN CAFE for their continued support.Thanks for your patience whilst drawing the prize winners. tonight. ( Learning in progress ) Thanks also to Bruce McLaren Motorsport for allowing us to hire the venue for a safe and fun race series.Thanks also to the whole Club Committee for all doing their part to make this event happen. Most of all Thanks to all you riders for coming along and making racing possible and stepping up to all take a turn on the sideline. Very much appreciated.

Have a safe and prosperous Xmas and see you all next season.



Interclub 2016 final points

Here are the points and results as I have worked them out for the final of the winter Inerclub series. Well done to Rotorua for retaining the sheild.




Interclub Race 2 Results

Here are the results fopr race 2 Hosted by Tokoroa club, Great riding conditions and another great day. See you all at the Taupo event on Sunday 24th July   Interclub_Results_TBC.pdf


2016 Club Champs

Taupo Cycle Club helds its club champs today after a break of several years. The Taupo weather played its part turning on a stunning morning with a fresh southerly breeze.Racing was strong in all grades and we hope to see larger numbers in future races.

Congratulations to - Tony Tinworth 2016 Male Club Champ

                              - Sheryl Duncan 2016 Female Club Champ

Big Thanks to Fern Cafe for their sponsorship of the race numbers and the use of their car to use as lead vehicle, your support is greatly appreciated.

Results are. .Results_Club_Champs_2016.pdf


2016 Interclub Series

Great numbers for Taupo to start the series with some excellent racing across all grades,

Looking forward to the Tokoroa race on the 12th June see you all there.


WBOP Center ITT 2016

Taupo Cycling Club was well represented by the juniors at  the WBOP time trial champs in Gordonton.

U13 Girls Aana Watts 10km 1st place

U17 Girls Jessica Clark 15km 4th place

U17 Girls Megan Lockett 14th

U17 Boys Jack Edwards 6th


2016 Summer Series

Week 8

The final night of the Summer Series was run under a clear sky and a slight breeze, For a difference we had a Handicaped race, over 4 laps. The finish was close with Elliot Orr (C grade) taking line honours followed by Tony Tinworth for 2nd and the Thomas McKay for 3rd, some great racing.

Well done to all the Series winners

A Grade Scott Fairburn

B Grade 1st Tony Tinworth, 2nd Thomas McKay, 3rd Barry Pritchard

C Grade 1st Matt Shawcroft, 2nd Ian Farquar, 3rd Elliot Orr

D Grade 1st Sammie Maxwell, 2nd Rob Vondervoort, 3rd Ralph Kumm

Junior Boys 1st Matt Buckeridge

Junior Girls 1st Grace Tiplady, 2nd Sasha Larsen, 3rd Taylor Corban.

A Big Thank you to Bruce McLaren Motorsport park for allowing us to ride on their venue. And to Huka Cycles for their assistance with prizes for the series. And a big and continued Thank you to the Fern Cafe for their assistance with prizes for the series and their continued support for the club providing us with some new race numbers which we look forward to using, Remember to support these local businesses.

Riding is not over yet with the up coming King and Queen of crank race on 8th May and Club Champs on the 22nd May. Keep an eye on the club website and FB for further details.

Ride safe and we will see you all soon.



2015 Spring Series

Week 10 Final Race

We finished as we started the series with a roaring westerly wind. For the last race of the series however, the race director made it even worse by sending the riders up Aratiatia hill into the wind. Nice guy! Everyone did make it back to the track to enjoy a drink and a snarler in the shelter of of one of the pit sheds.  Well done to Carwyn May (Grade A),  Ryan Blair (Grade B) Thomas Mckay (Grade C), Jakob Larsen (Grade D) Daniel Pietersma (Frade E) and finally Indi Drea (Girls) for winning their respective grades. Final results here 2015 Series Final Results.

I would like to thank all those that helped on the night especially the marshalls and the cook (Kerry) and timekeepers and volunteers throughout the year. I would also like to thank the motorsport park (especially Jacqi) for their assistance and allowing us additional access.

Have a great xmas and new year and i look forwared to seeing you all racing again in the summer. 


 Week 9

Tonight was probably the best nights racing so far across the Grades. Even the lone stars Joe and Frank in grade A put up a spectacle for all to watch. Grades B, C and D all produced bunch sprints that made great racing to watch.   Well done Naia who on her first race achieved 3rd in Grade E. Full results here including E Grade and juniors from last week. 



2015 Interclub Series Results
The interclub races are raced annually between the Rotorua, Tokoroa and Taupo clubs.  Its is a fantastic series which allows us to race on some different courses around the region.  They are very laid back events with barbeques to finish off the day & to socialize.


2015 Club Nationals - Napier

Congratulations to all those TCC members that took part in the Club Nationals in Napier at the weekend.

Results were

  • Matt Webber 5th in TT
  • Kiaan Watts 1st in both TT and Road Race
  • Wendy Brightwell 2nd in Road Race
  • Jack Edwards 9th in TT and 10th in Road Race
  • Megan Lockett 12th in TT and 16th in Road Race
  • Jak Brightwell 22nd in Road Race
  • Jess Clarke 22nd in TT and 19th in Road Race
  • Isla Sando 18th in TT
  • Loren King   17th in TT 21st in Road Race       
  • Maddie Edwards 19th in TT               
Extremely well done Kiaan and Wendy, awesome effort to all.

2015 Summer Series

Final results for the summer series 2015 attached above. Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially Kylie who was available nearly every week for time keeping. Well done to the Grade Winners. Look forward to seeing you on the road or next spring!   Safe riding during the winter.  


2014 King/Queen of the Crank

A great event had by all (with the exception of Frank - Ouch).  Well done to everyone who competed.  We would like to see more of the road club competing in this event.  Its a fun and social event.

2014 KQ crank Results


2014 Interclub ResultsInterclub 3: Taupo: 


Interclub 2: Tokoroa

Taupo has done well to come up to second place in the standings thanks largely to the super effort of the ladies! 

Tokoroa Results page 1       Tokoroa results page 2

Interclub 1: Rotorua

Taupo Cycling Club had a modest turn out to the first interclub of the year, but though few in numbers they performed well in C grade and the womens 40k ride. The course starting from the Bluff club in Ngakuru was a great 20 k circuit with nice climbs and a few technical parts. 

The results here 



2014 Summer Series results

Thanks to all who made the 2014 Summer Series a success.

Thanks once again to the series sponsors PaknSav and to our wonderful timekeepers.

Final Series Results are up here 

Next Tuesday we are hoping to run a three person team race, details are as follows 

And look forward to seeing you all on Monday night! 


CHB Ultimo Tour April 2014 results Taupo Cycling ClubUnder 15 boys

  • Prologue Kiaan Watts- 4th, Jak Brightwell- 17th, Jack Edwards- 14th
  • Stage 1- 42.5 kms, Kiaan- 9th, Jak-13th, Jack- 16th
  • Stage 2-37.6kms, Kiaan 1st, Jak-9th, Jack-11th
  • Kiaan Watts -3rd overall

Under 15 girls

  • Jessica Clarke, Prologue 6th,
  • Stage 1- 26.5km 6th 26.5km,
  • Stage 2- 3rd 37.6km 37.6km
  • Jessica Clarke-4th overall

Under 17 Women

  • Prologue Loren King 8th, Sarah Clarke 9th, Maddison Edwards 10th
  • Stage 1-42.5 km Loren 8th, Sarah 10th, Maddison 9th
  • Stage 2- 53.8kmLoren 8th, Sarah DNA (injured), Maddison 10th


Spring Series 2013

Thanks to the time keepers and of course Pak N Save for their sponsorship



WBOP Champs 2013, 24th March.  Taupo

Fantastic racing over all grades.  The only group that stayed together was the Elite/U23/U19M.  The Aratiatia climb allowed stronger climbers to really put on the pressure. 

Results: WBOP2013results.pdf


Summer Series Race Results 2013

Well the last track race of season has been run. The weather has been fantastic for the summer series 

Results are here Summer Season 

Please stay tuned for the Road Race, will confirm date asap 

Latest results for the summer series race 26th March 





The King and Queen was  the last race of 2012, which we co-hosted with the mountain bike club.  It was a fantastic event , enjoyed by all.  The  emphasis was on a fun, social race and then topped off with a BBQ and plenty of free refreshments.  Thanks to all who participated.  The Mountain Bike club ended up taking the club title.  We can win this, but we just didn’t have many of our club members compete.  Let’s see you all next year.  


What a great way to finish the year.  We need your support to make sure we get the title.  Remember the mountain bikers have won it for the last 2 years.  They scrapped in last year.  Lets make sure we have riders in all grades.  Our women riders - we need you!!  So get out there, & enjoy yourselves.


Registration form


2012: Taupo cycling at the Brendon McFee North Island Champs

After three years the Brendan McGee Memorial track carnival in Te Awamutu was finally on. The weather turned it on for the Track cycling contingent of the Taupo cycling club who turned up in force to race all the races in all the grades. Local talent Patrick Bevan raced well all day taking out the coveted Brendan McGee Memorial 15000m. Also placing well and showing a competitive set of wheels  in the hardest category was Corby Price who was competing in the same grade as Patrick. Tony Tinworth, Claire Hume, and Lewis Eccles were our most successful local riders of the day each taking out 2 wins each in the various races on the day. A very special mention for all the other riders that also raced hard and placed well all day. Abby Eccles, Beth Owen, Jaymie King, Isla Sando, Sam Dobbs, Brendan Hawkins, and Adian Hawkins.  This bodes well for the Waitangi day Track carnival to be held here in Taupo Febuary 6th. Racing starts at 10am. Support on the day will I’m sure make our riders ride faster on the day in front of a home crowd. For more information on Track cycling and what’s happening in the local cycling scene visit the Taupo Cycling club web site. 



2012 Huka Cycles Spring Race Series Road Race Results

Congratulations to everyone that turned out on Sunday for the road race.  With the rain staying away it made for some great racing, with final placings for the overall series decided by today's racing. Keep an eye on the website for the new gradings to be posted in time for the Summer Race Series.

Check out the race results here: Spring Race Series Results


Central Nth Island - Interclub Series - Race 2 update & Results

June 25th, 2012

Click for full results central north island interclub results.pdf

Race 2 of the Central North Island Interclub series was help in Taupo on the 24th. Riders were divided into 5 grades, however the junior grade was small due to a school time trial event being held on the same day. Riders encountered wet conditions, which then improved through the race.

The race was held in Taupo’s historic Huka course 8km in length with enough climbs to keep the riders honest. Most Grades did finish with bunch finishes, but the position of the finish after a climb ensured the strongest riders where at the front, stringing out the rest of the field.

Race organiser comments:

  • Riders well behaved, staying left.
  • Plenty of punctures and some of those riders not having spares.
  • Witnessed 2 riders throw out gu packets on the road. Don’t do it.

The competition between the Rotorua and Taupo clubs is heating up – the winner will be decided in the final race at Tokoroa!


Waikato BOP Champs 2012 - Recap

April 26th, 2012

On behalf of the Taupo Cycling Club Committee, I would like to thank everybody, who made the WBOP champs a success.
We were congratulated by Graeme Bell, out of town cyclists, and I received a particularly glowing report from Stephen Cox, the current centre president, whom has seen and organised an incredible amount of races. We can deservedly be very proud of ourselves. Also, as a club, we will have made a good profit on the event which makes the efforts worthwhile.
We had over 35 people volunteering for the event and many other helpers.
In particular I would like to thank the following people
1. All the participants – 23 in all. Well done.
2. Graeme Usher who co-ordinated the marshals.
3. Thanks to all the marshals – 17 in all. Thank you for your time
4. Glen Sando & Nigel Tipene for helping with Setup and teardown AND driving lead cars
5. Grant Nichol & Donna Hume for registration
6. Grant, Sheryl Duncan & Mike Langley for handling ALL of the 131 entries.
7. Our lead car drivers
8. Brian Eccles for the use of his flatbed truck for a judging platform.
In talking with many of the out of town participants, they loved the course and coming to Taupo. We were praised also for the facilities at the events centre - there are not many events that provide showers!!
This is a good time to mention that the club has secured the 2013 Centre Champs. We will plan on using the same course and venue. I would like to see more Masters and Woman riders riding - you have the ability. An $40 upgrade in license allow’s you to compete in some excellent centre events at a reduced cost.
Remember we have postponed the Club champs. We are planning an interclub series between Rotorua, Tokoroa and Taupo, focusing on fun & participation. The first event will be in Rotorua on a fantastic course at the end of May/Start of June. Keep training!! More details to come.


2012 Avanti Plus, Pak n Save Summer Series Results & Wrap Up

April 2nd, 2012

Taupo Cycling Club would like to extend thanks to, our generous sponsors Avanti plus & Pak n Save Taupo for the fantastic spot prizes - much appreciated by everyone at prize giving and to Taupo Motorsport Park for allowing us the ongoing use of this fantastic facility.  Also, big thanks to all our volunteers and parent helpers who, without their continued support, we would not be able to
run these events.  Thanks also to the group of riders from Rotorua that came over to support Taupo and to ride the Huka circuit on one of nicest days we’ve had this summer.

The final road race for the series on the Huka Falls road circuit saw perfect weather conditions and bought 53 riders to mount their final efforts for double points and podium honours.  All grades were well represented and very hotly contested.  Most impressive were the junior grades, with the boys and girls, showing how much their cycling skills have improved over the last 10 weeks, displaying good sportsmanship to each other, riding very safely and giving 100% in the final 100 metres over the last hill to the finish line. The senior grades including women also rode very strongly, with several new members, showing they have the talent and ability to
take it to the next level.  The Club is very encouraged to see the increased number of junior riders coming along this summer to the Motorsport Park, which is a great place to learn cycling skills in a safe environment.  The next race series will begin at the start of daylight savings in October, in the meantime, we welcome any juniors & seniors riders wishing to continue safe cycling through winter to join up to the Taupo Cycling Club and come along to the Wednesday night track riding at the Velodrome on Centennial Drive, bikes are supplied, just bring your own helmet and pedals and shoes.

Congratulations to our winners of the 2012 Summer Series;

A Grade

  • 1st Brad Setters,
  • 2nd, Wayne McConnachy,
  • 3rd Andrew MacKay

B Grade

  • 1st John Kirkaldie,
  • 2nd, Tony Tinworth,
  • 3rd Gerard Archbold

C Grade

  • 1st Aaron White,
  • 2nd Giles Turner
  • 3rd Chad Keir

D Grade

  • 1st John Kuper,
  • 2nd Ralph Kumm
  • 3rd equal, Claire Hume & Luke Braithwaite

Women’s Grade

  • 1st Lynette Braithwaite
  • 2nd Claire Wakeling,
  • 3rd Kathy Wilson

Junior boys

  • 1st Kiaan Watts
  • 2nd Jak Brightwell
  • 3rd, Flynn Fierro

Junior Girls

  • 1st Sarah Clarke
  • 2nd Madison Edwards
  • 3rd Jessica Clarke

Click for full results Summer Series Race Results PDF